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Generic vs brand drugs: which option to choose?

There are hundreds of misbelieves about generic drugs. Apprehending low quality, poor effect, longer time to act people commonly opt for brand name drugs even not trying to understand what a generic drug is and what is the difference between these two sorts of remedies widely offered on the pharmacy market. Let us try to find the basic difference in generics and brand drugs.

Drug selling is a process regulated by FDA (Food and Drug Association). The main concern touching the domain of generic drugs is a sufficiently cheaper price. Most patients think that generic drugs are inferior in quality to brand drugs. However the FDA standards applied to brand and generic drugs are the same and require the same manufacturing facilities.

A generic drug is a true copy of a brand name drug manufactured in the same dosages as original drugs are and are the same in intended usage, side effects, contraindications and precautions, risks, safety, effect and strength as original drugs are. In fact it may turn that a drug you have been taken for years is a generic form of a brand name drug.

Why generic pills are better? The matter is in price. A generic is a copy. Thus a manufacturer does not have expenses for developing a new drug, making research, testing as well as moving the drug into medicine and into the market as the company that has developed the drug has already done all this work.

A generic drug will have:the same ingredient composition with precise keeping to the quantity of every ingredient ensuring the same medical effect;the same effect.

Generic pills may differ from brand name drugs in color, shape and print according to the acting trademark laws. If you need a drug and you have a choice between a generic and a brand name drug you can sufficiently save costs getting the same fast effect.

What do you choose? Brand or Generic pills?